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20020307: hosting ADDE access to Unidata NEXRAD composite imagery (cont.)

>From: Thomas Mote <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Georgia
>Keywords: 200203051400.g25E0BK05321 McIDAS ADDE NEXRAD composite


>I see that we are, in fact, ingesting the new NEXRAD composites. I was
>also able to view the composites in NMAP... quite nice.

Good news!

>When I tried to
>view the composites in McIDAS, I just got blank images. Also, when I tried
>to look at IMAGE data availability, I got a "numpos" error. Is there
>anything else I need to do to view the imagery in McIDAS on my system?

This report is very strange to me for a couple of reasons:

o I have been listing/loading/etc. all of the NEXRCOMP images from cacimbo
  with no problems (other than occasional network outages) from cacimbo
  for the past several days

o I just logged onto cacimbo as 'mcidas', started a McIDAS session,
  loaded the latest 1 km national N0R image into a frame using the BREF24
  enhancement, and then saved the display into a GIF (tm) that I then
  copied back to my home system and viewd.  The GIF I created is in

Were you trying the display from a machine other than cacimbo?  If yes,
did you "point" the other machine at cacimbo:

DATALOC ADD NEXRCOMP cacimbo.ggy.uga.edu

If you are doing this from a different machine, you will be missing the
new BREF24 enhancement that is best to use with the N0R composites.
I installed this new enhancement and a reworked MDR enhancement on
cacimbo when I setup the NEXRCOMP dataset ingest/decode/ADDE access.

Again, if you are doing this from a machine other than cacimbo, you will
need to install the new enhancement at a minimum (assuming that the
other machine has a separate installation of McIDAS!).  This is easily done:

<login to the other machine as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas7.8/update
scp address@hidden:mcidas7.8/update/giniupdate.tar.Z .
  <you will be required to supply the password for mcidas on cacimbo>
zcat giniupdate.tar.Z | tar xvPf -
cd ../src
make install.data

Please let me know if you are, in fact, trying to access the NEXRCOMP
data from a machine other than cacimbo, and, if so, if the procedure
above did not get you going.


>From address@hidden Fri Mar  8 08:34:30 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020307: hosting ADDE access to Unidata NEXRAD composite imagery 


Sorry about this. I figured out the problem last night. It is now 
working. We had another outage with our network that stopped our feed 
again overnight to cacimbo. We are trying to install a private 
network between our noaaport system and cacimbo that should reduce 
the network problems. I also need to come up with some sort of 
failover that would move from the NOAAport system back to the IDD if 
it is failing to ingest.


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