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20020306: 1-KM Composite BREF24 Enhancement

>From: Jim Koermer <address@hidden>
>Organization: Plymouth state
>Keywords: 200202280553.g1S5rxx20688 McIDAS scripts MCTABLE_READ MCTABLE_WRI


>I finally got what I think are most of the bugs out for the web display
>of the 1-KMN0R data using McIDAS. I discovered that in my script, I
>found out that it was best to put LATLON entries at the end of the  line
>or it didn't seem to like decimal values for lat/lon.

This is strange.  McIDAS doesn't care where the keywords occur on the
line, and I don't experience the same thing running from a McIDAS session
on any of the operating systems that I support McIDAS on.  The MCGUI
interface, in fact, sticks the LATLON= keyword right after the
dataset name, and there are no misinterpretations of the values.

>The only think that I don't like about the McIDAS displays is that the
>text at the bottom of the frame is in the same color as the map and I'd
>like this to be white. Is this a function of the BREF24 enhancement

It is a function of the enhancement table and the number of colors that
have been allocated for the image display.  On my home Linux system I
am running with 192 colors for images and the label comes out the same
color as the highest reflectivity level.  At work, I think I am running
with 64 colors for images, and the labels are white.  If you are not
specifying the number of colors to be used in generating the display in
your script (the -i flag to mcenv), then 48 colors are being
allocated.  You may want to try bumping this up to 64, 96, etc. and see
if the label color ends up in the white zone of the enhancement.

The other thing you may want to do is investigate using the FRMLABEL
command to put up a custom label.  FRMLABEL supports selection of
the color for the label:

FRMLABEL - Displays an image label on a frame
   FRMLABEL <keywords> "text
   "text | text to write to image frame; all text is displayed


   LEVel=text bg | brightness level for text and background (def=255 0)



>Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 19:43:09 -0500
>From: Jim Koermer <address@hidden>


The -i option set to a large number of items did not seem to change
However, by adding a "-g 32 -i 64" to mcenv did do the trick.


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