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20020307: Unidata McIDAS-X 7.8 access

>From: <address@hidden>
>Organization: Jackson State University
>Keywords: 200203071559.g27Fx4K17152 Unidata McIDAS access


>I am a research associate working Jackson State University.  Right now, we 
>need install McIDAS in our department for education.  Would you please let 
>me know where I can obtain this software?

The new procedure for getting Unidata software is started by someone at
your university signing up as a Unidata site.  You can get to the registration
portion of our web in a variety of ways, but the easiest for you in this
case is to go to the Undiata McIDAS-X 7.80 HomePage:

Unidata HomePage
      Version 7.80

and then click on the 'Register as a Unidata User'.  After you are registered
as a Unidata user, you can go to the download page and start downloading
the various pieces of Unidata McIDAS-X 7.80:


You should download this to a properly prepared 'mcidas' account on your
system.  This account must have access to at least 300 MB of disk just
for the McIDAS package itself.  Disk space for data files will be in addition
to this, and will typically live in a file system other than /home/mcidas.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have problems with the
download/installation/configuration process for Unidata McIDAS.  Use and
uspport of the package is much easier if it is installed correctly in the
first place.

Tom Yoksas

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