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20020213: setting up non-decoding of certain grids in XCD

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200202122315.g1CNFpx12009 McIDAS-XCD GRID


re: The question is what grids are you willing to _not_ decode?

>I'm finding out that the partition regularly fills up, so it's time to
>make cuts. Though I'm not sure what the settings are now, I know we
>can get by on these forecast hours:
>AVN 0-24 hr
>ECMWF 0-24 hr
>NGM 0-48 hr
>ETA 0-48 hr
>MRF all hours
>Can you fix that in our settings? (I'll go in after two days and delete
>the old gridfiles to finish the job.)

Well, this is the first time that I have had to setup NOGRIB.CFG (in
the ~mcidas/uvaworkdata directory on your system) to _not_ decode
certain grid forecast times.  What I found isn't pretty (to say the least).
I _think_ that I have turned off decoding of forecast hours for AVN and ETA
that match your wish list above, but I will have to wait until the next
runs are received to make sure what I did was correct.

In order to allow for decoding to proceed, I generated a list of GRID
files that contained data other than in your list above in /p4/data/xcd
and deleted them.  This freed up about 2 GB of disk space.  Now, new
grid decoding can resume.

Just as a note, after making changes to ~mcidas/uvaworkdata/NOGRIB.CFG,
I had to cause the McIDAS-XCD grib decoder to stop and restart.  I
did this as 'mcidas' as follows:

cd ~mcidas/uvaworkdata
<wait for the DMGRID process to exit>

We will see by sometime tomorrow if the changes I made in NOGRIB
were correct or not.

One last comment.  The version of McIDAS being run on windfall for
ingesting/decoding is _OLD_!  What is running is 7.6, and the current
release is 7.8!!  At some point, we _really_ should work together
to upgrade your setup to the current release of the software.  This
is so that things that you have grown to depend on (like decoding
of certain grids) will not begin to fail.

I will not be in tomorrow as I am going skiing.  I will read email early
tomorrow morning and then after I get back.


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