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20020212: Extra data feed?

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200202122315.g1CNFpx12009 McIDAS-XCD GRID


>I'm noticing that no matter how much space I clear up on
>my /p4 partition (where /p4/data/xcd sits) it keeps getting
>eaten up by GRID files in the /p4/data/xcd directory. Now
>it's at 100% full.

OK, so now we understand where your disk space is going.  The amount of
gridded data included in the IDD has been steadily growing (and
promises to continue doing so).

>I haven't been incredibly attentive to this lately, so I
>can't tell you what the normal disk usage of /p4 has been,
>but I know that we normally haven't had that problem. The
>files on /p4/data/xcd are all recent.
>Has there been any increase in filesize recently for the grids that
>we ingest (NGM, MRF, AVN, ETA, ECMWF)?

Yes, very much so.

>Tom, maybe you can logon to windfall and look around? This
>would be a big help to me (and Jennie) and a chance to repay
>that favor you say you owe me. :)

The question is what grids are you willing to _not_ decode?  As soon as
that is answered, I can logon and turn off decoding of those puppies.

For instance, I am willing to bet that you do not need the NGM, MRF or
ECMWF grids.  The unfortunate truth is that the big growth has been in
the others: ETA, AVN, and MRF.


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