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20020213: setting up non-decoding of certain grids in XCD (cont.)

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200202122315.g1CNFpx12009 McIDAS-XCD GRID


Well, I was mostly successful in stopping decoding of grids past a
certain forecast hour yesterday evening.  I made a small change a
couple of minutes ago to eliminate the > +48 HR AVN grids from model
center 96.  The 0 and 12Z runs of > +48 HR fields will stick around
until they are either scoured by mcscour.sh or until someone deletes
them.  I think you are safe disk spacewise so you won't have to worry
about these today.

The other conversation I need to have with you and Jennie is exactly
which AVN projections you want to keep.  One of the problems in
NOAAPORT (problem in the sense of replicating data) is that the same
model runs are sent out on at least four different projections.  There
is no sense keeping all of the projections in the GRID files, but you
are going to have to decide exactly which one(s) you want to keep.  I
will write more about this later today after I return from skiing :-).


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