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20010110: papagayo LDM filing of NOAAPORT NEXRAD Level III products (cont.)

>From: Clint Rowe <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
>Keywords: 200101091754.f09Hsso22365 ADDE setup IDD RTNEXRAD pqact.conf


re: why muck with setup
>The selection widget on nsat, for example, means you have to wade through
>all the stations to find those few local stations for which we will have 
>more data (i.e., N0S, N0V, NCR, NTP, NVL).  I thought I could put all the base
>reflectivities under something like $GEMDATA/nexrad/RADAR so that they
>would appear as a separate button at the top of the selection widget.

I read Chiz's response, so I am up to speed.  Please keep me informed about
what you do since it will affect the setup for McIDAS ADDE, and you agreed
to let papagayo serve the NIDS data through ADDE :-)

re: scouring
>Yes, I did.  Thanks for catching that for me.  I added the needed cron entry.

OK.  You will undoubtedly want to play with the scouring some.  This will
be especially true if you change how the data is FILEd.

>But I do have another question.  Are you saying that my request should key 
>on the pil?  My entry is based on what Russ told Gilbert (see attached).  I
>just looked at what Russ wrote for the web page and see that he does show it
>keying on the pil.  I'll make the change!

I was trying to ask if you knew that you were requesting data by the
WFO and not by the station.  The main point is that some WFOs issue
products for more than one station.  I don't know if this is true for
the list that you have in place, but I do know that it is true for some
WFOs.  I figured that if you knew exactly what stations you wanted, you
would request them specifically.


>From address@hidden Wed Jan 10 10:29:19 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010110: papagayo LDM filing of NOAAPORT NEXRAD Level III 
>products (cont.) 

re: Please keep me informed about changes since they will affect ADDE
>If I make a change, I'll let you know.

re: scouring
>Yes, I already noticed that the prune script can be called with a directory
>for an argument, so I figured that I could just add another crontab entry
>with that directory as its argument.

re: reqest by WFO vs by ID
>It's better not to assume that I know what I'm doing!  This is new to me.

>Clinton M. Rowe
>Associate Professor 
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