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20010110: papagayo LDM filing of NOAAPORT NEXRAD Level III products (cont.)

>From: Clint Rowe <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
>Keywords: 200101091754.f09Hsso22365 IDD NNEXRAD pqact.conf


>Thanks.  I had actually noticed that at one time, but hadn't bothered to
>change it, since I couldn't actually display the encrypted data.

OK, I just wanted to make sure.

>all the N0R data was what I intended, just to see how much there is.  It's
>probably the thing that students will look at most, so I thought I'd give 
>it a try.

I agree.  It looks like papagayo is handling the ingest nicely.

>I may try to figure out a better way of filing it (probably change
>the NIDS part of the gempak directory structure) so they're all together, but
>separate from the stations for which we are getting all the available

What you have looks good to me, and it looks like the "typical" setup for
GEMPAK users.  Why muck with it?

>Thanks again for making that change and, especially, for taking the time to 
>do the cleanup!

No problem.  I trust you got my note this morning about needing to address
scouring for the NEXRAD data.


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