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20001110: RedHat Linux McIDAS-X install at AWC

>From: Gary Cunning <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200011061722.eA6HMI408974 GOES imagery


>Do you have some time install mcidas on a linux (redhat) computer at the

I can do the install if everything is ready to go.

>If you do, what can I do to prepare for the install.

Please read through and perform the steps listed under the Install
menu option (top frame) in:


If the target machine does not have the appropriate version of f2c
installed on it, either you or I will need to have root privilege
(or sudo from the mcidas account) to install it (executable, include
file, and library).

>Right now I am
>going to have the AWC add an account called mcidas on the computer which
>is ftb2.kc.noaa.gov. The only way one can login remotely is through
>telnet, but the AWC restricts acces to known sub-nets. I will have to
>get the subnet that your computer is conneted. If you don't have time,
>hoipefully you will be able to answer some questions.

Our subnet is 128.117.140.  The machine I will probably use for the telnet
is gale.unidata.ucar.edu (


>From address@hidden Mon Nov 13 11:32:49 2000
>Subject: Re: 20001110: RedHat Linux McIDAS-X install at AWC


The computer at the AWC is ftb2.kc.noaa.gov, and there is a mcidas
account on the computer. I have the password, and you can call me you
are ready to log on.

I haven't received any information about the additional your subnet to
ftb2's list yet. I have copied over files to build f2c and f2clib on to
ftb2, so the administrator can install them. I have also setup the
mcidas account on ftb2 as outlined on the unidata web page, but the
mcadde account still needs to added. I will let you know if the AWC
makes any progress.

Are there any McIdas licensing issues to resolve with the AWC? I would
like to let the AWC know about any problems before we proceed much


>From: Gary Cunning <address@hidden>
>Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 12:43:30 -0700
>Subject: Re: 20001110: RedHat Linux McIDAS-X install at AWC


I think ftb2 is ready for the mcidas install. I received an email from
Steve Danz the system administrator at the AWC. The f2c exectuable and
libraries have been installed. The disk space appears to be adequate.
the mcadde account has been added. If you run into problems, you can
contact me or cantact Steve directly. To do so, his email is
address@hidden and his phone number is 816-594-7257.


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