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20001107: McIDAS-X Learning Guide

>From: Scott Crocker <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200011072032.eA7KWE429142 McIDAS-X Learning Guide


>I am a student of Jennie Moody's at the University of Virginia, and 
>am currently working with the online MCIDAS Learning Guide.  In the 
>section MD Files-Listing MD File Directories and Data Records, I 
>entered the command  PTLIST BLIZZARD/PTSRCS FORM=FILE ALL and 
>received the message NO MD FILES FOUND.  What can be done to correct 
>this problem?  Thank you.

I have a couple of questions:

o what version of the Learning Guide are you working through

o what data server are you pointing to for the BLIZZARD dataset

To list out the data server you are using for the BLIZZARD dataset, run:


I just pointed at the server used by recent workshop participants
(adde.ucar.edu) and ran the command you list and got the expected

Pos      Description                        Schema  NRows NCols  Date
------   --------------------------------   ------  ----- ----- -------
     1   SURFACE HOURLY OBSERVATIONS        ISFC       72  3500   93072
     2   INTL. RADIOSONDE OBS (UPPER AIR    IRAB        8  1500   93072
     3   INTL. RADIOSONDE OBS--SIG LEVELS   IRSG       16  8000   93072
     4   SHIP/BUOY OBSERVATIONS             ISHP       24  3000   93072
     5   SURFACE SYNOPTICS                  SYN         8  6000   93072

Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden Wed Nov  8 17:54:44 2000

I am running version 7.6.  The data server is adde.unidata.ucar.edu.  
If it is any help, the problem was encountered at the following URL:

Thank you.

Scott Crocker

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