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20001113: RedHat Linux used as an X-server

>From:  Rick Kohrs <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200011131714.eADHErO04776 McIDAS-X Linux XFree86


>       We have a new site coming on and they are primarily a linux house. 
>They had planned on using some of their linux boxes as xterms (among
>other things) and are having some problems.  Below is a snipit from John
>#     Turns out, Linux uses Xfree86 as its x-server, and it doesn't
>#export an 8-bit visual.  That's not much of a problem if McIDAS
>#is running on the same machine as the display, but if the display 
>#is done remotely, the results are intolerable.
>Have you seen anything like this?

No, I have not seen this problem. Then again, I typically use an AIX
box as my X window machine and run sessions from others back to it.  I
can test the setup you suggest, however, by running a McIDAS-X session
on a variety of other machines with display back to a Linux box.  I
will give this a quick try and let you know what happens.


I ran the following test:

o login onto the system console of a machine running RedHat Linux 6.2
o from there, rlogin to a machine running Solaris x86 2.8
o set DISPLAY back to Linux box
o ran Unidata McIDAS-X 7.7x (includes 7.701 fasttrack)

I saw no weirdness at all running in this mode.  Is it possible that
the user was running a pre-7.7x version of McIDAS?  7.6x's poor
handling of 24-bit visuals would explain Benson's comment "the results
are intolerable".  

For the record, what exactly was intolerable? What version of Linux did
John do the test on?


>From address@hidden Mon Nov 13 13:21:43 2000
>Subject: Re: 20001113: RedHat Linux used as an X-server

Ooops.  John was running 7.603.  This was before Rod's 24-bit changes. 
Sorry for the false alarm.  We still need to know what the differences
between our config and our new site's config, so the issue may not be


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