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19990112: front.k McIDAS 7.1 error, again

>From: Mike Leuthold <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Arizona
>Keywords: 199901122121.OAA20516 FRONT 

Hi Mike-

>       I reported last week a problem with front.k and Tom told me to
>grab a patched version which I did and it solved the problem.  Today, I
>see that both the old version and the new version don't work again.  Old
>7.1 and 7.4 error:  FRONT1: No fronts available in ASUS file(s) 
>Patched 7.1 front.k error: FRONT: Front not available for  18 .  Did the 
>NWS change the format of the ASUS file again today?  Thanks in advance.

Yes, they changed the format again.  It seems to only affect the
15 and 18Z bulletins, but it causes the program to bomb as it is
searching through the times.

Unfortunately, everyone is at the AMS this week (including the NWS
contacts) so I'm not sure what I can do to fix the problem.  I'll
look at how to make it keep searching instead of bombing out so
at least you can get the other front times in the file.  If I get something
that works, I'll send a note to you and put it out on ftp.

Don Murray

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