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19990111: Questions (cont.)

>From: Mark Tucker <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 199812081808.LAA17744 McIDAS-X 7.4


re: MAN.BAT invocation
>After a bit of research I found that we are taking in the MD products via
>xcd (which should have been obvious) and that there was a script file
>launched by a cron that was running MAN.BAT to put the data into grid

OK, so this is the source of no command line parameters being passed

>This shell script, ua.bat, did not pass any parameters which
>is why I was not seeing any values.  This also explains the odd times that
>the batch file was running.


>This also raises a minor question:  Are there any problems running with
>the server's time set to Eastern time or is it better to have it set to

No, none whatsoever.

>I haven't seen anything in the documentation that indicates either as 
>a preference.  The reason I ask is that the faculty here told me that they
>used to have difficulties with the lab machines running McIdas when the
>local clock was set to Eastern time.

Their comment probably relates back to McIDAS-OS2 machines that needed
to be set to use UTC.  The other thing that users will have to think
about is scheduling executions from cron since that runs on the local

re: failure of Lyndon application
>It fails to report the existance of a grid when run from any batch file.
>It works correctly when it is run from mcidas-X or from the unix

Sounds like some environment configuration information is missing.

re: how/why it is failing
>I will look into this more so that we will know how it attempts to

re: signup to the WXP and WXP5 email lists to get community help



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