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[LDM #EYZ-451528]: Receiving Feedtype in LDM


> It is hard to change the syslog-ng(8) file and there is no "src/config.h"
> and hupsyslog utility in our FDT machine(CentOS 5.8).

If the LDM was correctly installed, then the files "~ldm/src/config.h" and 
"~ldm/bin/hupsyslog" should exist, where "~ldm" is the home-directory of the 
LDM user.

> Do you think installing and using syslogd is an alternative method?

Several sites have replaced syslog-ng(8) with rsyslogd(8) in order to solve 
this problem.

> If I
> install the syslogd, will it conflict with syslog-ng?

Either rsyslogd(8) or syslog-ng(8) can run -- but not both. They will conflict.

If you migrate to rsyslogd(8), then you'll have to ensure that syslog-ng(8) 
doesn't start at boot-time and that rsyslogd(8) does.

> Prof.V told me that Jie Li has received the log message and parsed from it
> successfully. What might be the problem?

The problems right now are 1) the syslog-ng(8) configuration-file isn't 
configured to append LDM log messages to the LDM log file; and 2) the 
hupsyslog(1) utility doesn't know the pathname of the file that contains the 
process-ID (PID) of the system logging daemon.

Is replacing syslog-ng(8) with rsyslogd(8) a viable option for you?

> Sorry for asking some many, but I really feel sad I cannot configure the
> LDM correct.

Don't feel sad. I run a two-day workshop on the LDM.

> Regards,.
> Xiang

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: EYZ-451528
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