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[LDM #WMK-256465]: 'Not a WMO format message' error


> I was able recompile pqing using a higher value for MAX_CIRCBUFSIZE and the
> previously problematic data was successfully ingested into the LDM queue.


> Can you tell me what pqing uses to determine how large the buffer needs to
> be? Is this something defined in the message or does it use the actual size
> of the data?

The buffer grows dynamically, as needed, in order to accommodate whatever WMO 
message is being read. Unfortunately for you, there's a limit on how large it 
can grow. The limit was put in place by the late Glenn Davis. I don't know why 
he chose the value he did.

> The problematic data caused the input buffer size to reach 4194304:
> ldmd.log.3:Aug 14 20:01:31 s2n5 local0:info pqing[1126586] INFO: Expanding
> input buffer size to 4194304
> But the file itself is only 2100691 bytes:
> $ ls -l WMOMSG.stratusdev.WB79_WMOMSG.377.824082.1344010210.0
> -rw-r--r--    1 dbndev   dcddev      2100691 Aug 13 16:25
> WMOMSG.stratusdev.WB79_WMOMSG.377.824082.1344010210.0
> Any idea why would the buffer have to be nearly twice the size?

When the buffer needs to grow, it doubles its size. I agree that it seems odd 
for it to grow beyond MAX_CIRCBUFSIZE.

> Thanks for your help with this.
> Justin

Steve Emmerson

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