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[LDM #MIY-342905]: Questions about LDM 6


> WeÂdeeply appreciate your recommendations that help us a lot.
> CWB in Taiwan developedÂthe interface which was based on LDM-4 fifteen years 
> ago. Instead of using LDM interface directly, most of our systems use our own 
> interface. To upgrade LDM means not only building LDM 6 environment but 
> upgrading all system related. It's aÂbig task toÂmodify so many systems, or 
> toÂpersuade other departments to modify their systems.
> We plan to spend several years getting this job done.ÂDuring the transition 
> stage, weÂhope to upgrade our interface without changing the wayÂweÂuse. 
> That's why we would like to use LDM-6 interface complexly.
> We find that LDM-6 can notÂreceive files with the same content repeatly. 
> Would you please tell us how to remove this restriction?

The product-queue module will not write a data-product into the product-queue 
whose MD5 checksum is identical to that of a data-product that's already in the 
product-queue. This is done to reject duplicate products and was a deliberate 
design decision.

If you must work around this feature, then I suggest including a timestamp in 
the data-product's data. This will make the MD5 checksums different for 
data-products that are, otherwise, identical.

> PS: Attached file is part of our interface.
> Â
> Best Regards,
> Charlie Chang

Steve Emmerson

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