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[LDM #MIY-342905]: Questions about LDM 6


> Yes, We run LDM, and send files to itself("localhost"). The user is 
> "niceadm",Âwe installed LDM via this account. The OS isÂRHEL 5 andÂcommand 
> is
> ./ldmsend FILENAME
> Our serverÂis a stand-alone server and thereÂare only two users on it(root 
> and niceadm).Â

Does ldmsend(1) ever successfully send a file that is smaller than 4 kilobytes? 
You can put the receiving LDM process in verbose logging mode to verify this by 
sending the process a USR2 signal (send it 2 more such signals to return it to 
the original logging level). Is there an entry in the pqact(1) 
configuration-file that will match the incoming file? If that entry is FILE or 
STDIOFILE, does it use the "-close" or "-flush" option?

LDM-4 is very old, so I'm not sure that I'll be able to diagnose the problem.

> Thanks for your kindly help!
> Best Regards,
> Charlie Chang

Steve Emmerson

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