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[LDM #KQV-820647]: LDM - Directory structure


> This looks correct to my unpracticed eye.  There appear to be two points
> of confusion in my cloudy brain: the URL with the install, setup,
> activate instructions is confusing regarding where to place the tarball
> before untarring the file.

That's because it doesn't matter to what directory the tarball is 
downloaded.  By tradition (but for no other reason) we often
download the tarball to the LDM user's home directory.  In any
case, I always remove the tarball when I'm done.

> The second issue remains: where is the best place in the directory
> structure for ingested data?

I assume you mean "decoded" data (i.e., data-products that have
been filed or, otherwise, locally processed by the LDM's "pqact"

Conventionally, these products are filed under the "data" sub-
directory of the LDM user's home-directory.  Often, this
"directory" is a symbolic link to another directory on a disk
partition that is not backed-up.

Steve Emmerson

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