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[LDM #NXJ-554265]: LDM setup questions

Hi Yoori,

> I'm not sure you recalled me, but you are the person who helped me setting
> up LDM on last December. On December, you recommended to update most recent
> version of Linux, since we had some budget, we purchased new machine. So now
> I'm trying to setup LDM again.

I apologize for not remembering our exchange in December!

> Since we only have 1 Linux machine and I'm the only one who takes care of
> this machine, I should be the system admin. But since I'm not expert on
> Linux machine, I don't know how to make all cron jobs for 'ldm' which system
> admin should take care of it. Could you help me out for this?

Yes.  Please see below.

> And for the issue of 'ldmadmin' command, I tried 3 things which you
> suggested, but none of them had luck. I still got the same error.

Hmm...  this is strange...

> And if it is too difficult to see what my problem is, it would be okay you
> to logon to our system which you did for me on last December. 

I would be happy to logon to your new machine to take a look around.  Please
send me the passwords for 'ldm' and 'root' to my personal email,
address@hidden, _without_ mentioning the name of your machine or
the account names (i.e., send the passwords without reference to what
they are for).

> But at this
> time, I really want to have chance to learn so that I can ingest complete
> LDM setup.

I promise to detail exactly what I do and why the change was needed.

> Thanks again for your great help.

No worries.  Once again, I apologize for not remembering our previous exchange!


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