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[LDM #NXJ-554265]: LDM setup questions

Hi Yoori,

Here are some changes I made to nopp this morning:

- set the system clock (it was an hour off).  Having an accurate system
  clock is _very_ important for ingesting realtime with the LDM!

  - added configuration entries to /etc/ntp.conf.  You are currently
    setup to get time service off of the timeserver at Unidata.
    You can change this setup if you like, but there is no need to
    do so.

  - used 'chkconfig' as 'root' to setup ntpd to be run at bootup:

    <as 'root'>
    chkconfig --levels 345 nptd on

  - started 'ntpd' (this will be started automatically the next time
    the system is (re)booted:

    /etc/init.d/ntpd start

- added an entry in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf for FILEing NEXRAD Level III
  imagery.  This entry (feed type NNEXRAD) is another example
  of how to FILE ingested data products

- added scouring of the NEXRAD Level III images that are now being
  written to disk (in subdirectories of ~ldm/data/nexrad/LEVEL3).  I
  did this after:

  - creating the ~ldm/decoders and ~ldm/util subdirectories

  - adding both of these directories to the PATH defined in ~ldm/.bash_profile

  - FTPing two Tcl-based scour scripts ((scourBYnumber.tcl and scourBYday.tcl)
    from the pub/ldm/scour directory on our anonymous FTP server,
    ftp.unidata.ucar.edu. After FTPing the scripts to the ~ldm/util directory,
    I set them to be executable.

  - added a crontab entry to run scourBYnumber.tcl every three hours

  - while I was editing your crontab file, I decided to add commentary
    explaining each of the actions

- added an entry in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf for FILEing tar files containing
  NEXRAD Level II tar files that contain imagery and metadata

- added scouring of the NEXRAD Level II tar files that are now being
  written to disk (in subdirectories of ~ldm/data/nexrad/LEVEL2).

- finally, and only for my convienence, I created the ~ldm/.ssh directory;
  changed its permissions to read/write/execute for 'ldm' and nothing
  for all other users; created the ~ldm/.ssh/authorized_keys file and
  put my DSA key in it; changed the permissions on the file to be read/write
  by 'ldm' and nothing for all other users.

  Adding my key to ~ldm/.ssh/authorized_keys allows me to SSH to your
  machine without specifying a password.  Again, I did this for my
  convenience to better help you get your system configured.  If you
  feel strongly that this is a breach of the rules at Drexel, please
  feel free to remove my key from the file.

As I finish this note, I see that all of the data being requested by nopp
is being ingested, FILEed to disk, and scoured periodically.  At this
point, you should talk to your boss to find if the current setup is
what he was wanting.


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