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[LDM #ONE-336935]: Re: 20060428: GEMPAK and McIDAS upgraded on unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar

Hi Claudia,

> The ingestion of data has stopped again. Since yesterday we are not
> receiving any data. As I know, our network is OK (I�ve just downloading
> data from NCEP).

The problems I have seen in the LDM log file (~ldm/logs/ldmd.log)
are always the same: a segmentation violation for one of the rpc.ldmd
processes (the software that get data from upstream sites).  I believe
that the most likely cause for this continuing failure is related to
the operating system on unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar: Fedora Core 2.  Since
I believe this machine should be upgraded to a current version of the
operating system (either Fedora Core 4 or Fedora Core 5), I will
be bringing either CDs or a DVD with the new operating system on it
to Baltimore to give to you.

Question:  does unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar have a DVD drive?

> If you can detect that there is a particular problem in our network or if
> there is a problem in the PC, please let me know.

I believe that the problem is either with the PC or with the operating system.  

> If there is a problem
> related to the UBA network I�ll try to talk with the UBA system 
> manager.

I do not think that the recent problems are related to the UBA network.

In order to try to get more information on the exact cause for the continuing
failures, I rebuilt the LDM (version ldm-6.4.5) with debugging turned on:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm/ldm-6.4.5/src
make distclean
export CFLAGS=-g
./configure --disable-max-size
make install
  make install_setuids

cd ~ldm
ldmadmin clean && ldmadmin delqueue && ldmadmin mkqueue -f && ldmadmin start

I am hopeful that building with debugging (CFLAGS=-g) will either
prevent the segmentation violation or help trace down the reason for
them.  Here is an example ldmd.log entry showing the segmentation violation:

May 01 22:07:52 unidata rpc.ldmd[31567] NOTE: child 31576 terminated by signal 


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