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Re: 20051012: ernie.tamu.edu is getting unstable...

Gerry & James,

I'm reached an impasse trying to figure-out why the LDM on Ernie
terminates abnormally.  Enven though I now have several core files, the
information they give just doesn't make sense.  The problem could be the
code, or the runtime libraries, or the kernel, or the hardware -- I just
can't tell.

Consequently, I've replaced the LDM on Ernie with one that has
assertions and debugging enabled and whose "off_t" size is 32 bits
(rather than the previous 64) in order to see if it, too, crashes.
The big difference with this new LDM is that it will memory-map the
entire product-queue just once rather than memory-map segments of the
product-queue as needed.

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer

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