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20001110: Data Stopped flowing

>From: "Jennie L. Moody" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200011101847.eAAIl5D09490 ldm-mcidas LDM data ingest 


By the time I had a chance to look into this, it seemed that you had
solved your problems.  Sorry that I was not available earlier.

>Either of you know why it seems that we have stopped getting
>mcidas imagery updated on windfall?  I just went to look at
>things and see we haven't unPNG'd any new area files since last
>A quick look at the data directory it seems that there are some
>new GRID and text files that arrived (at least I saw times up to
>13 or 15UTC).  I also looked at the tail of the ldmad.log file
>at it was fine (ie, the ldm seems to be up and running).  Tony
>please look into this.  Hopefully Tom will chime in if he
>knows whats up.  Sorry, but I am in transit (heading home),
>I will log on in a little while from there.
>Nov 10 04:36:13 pnga2area[15497]: unPNG::   165724    607776
>Nov 10 04:36:13 pnga2area[15497]: Exiting
>Nov 10 04:36:56 pnga2area[15716]: Starting Up
>Nov 10 04:36:56 pnga2area[15716]: output file pathname:
>Nov 10 04:36:58 pnga2area[15716]: unPNG::  1015556   2422256
>Nov 10 04:36:58 pnga2area[15716]: Exiting
> This is the end of the mcidas.log file in /p4/logs
>Nov 10 18:18:45 windfall.evsc.Virginia.EDU pqexpire[769]: >
>Recycled   2191.035 kb/hr ( 11714.351 prods per hour)
>Nov 10 18:23:49 windfall.evsc.Virginia.EDU pqexpire[769]: >
>Recycled   2194.357 kb/hr ( 11714.156 prods per hour)
>Nov 10 18:28:54 windfall.evsc.Virginia.EDU pqexpire[769]: >
>Recycled   2196.576 kb/hr ( 11713.964 prods per hour)
>Nov 10 18:33:59 windfall.evsc.Virginia.EDU pqexpire[769]: >
>Recycled   2202.000 kb/hr ( 11713.967 prods per hour)
>Nov 10 18:39:02 windfall.evsc.Virginia.EDU pqexpire[769]: >
>Recycled   2202.973 kb/hr ( 11713.740 prods per hour)
>This is the end of the ldmad.log file in /p4/logs


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