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20001108: sat data?

>From: Thomas Don Aratari <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Michigan
>Keywords: 200009210254.e8L2sbb18779 Unidata-Wisconsin ldm-mcidas pnga2area 


>Ive been in the ground the past few months :)
>I've had some professors asking about if we could get satellite data? If
>so, how whould I go about doing that?

Your request is a little confusing given the email exchanges we had
back in September.  If you recall, your final comment in the last email we had 
in a series
related to decoding of Unidata-Wisconsin satellite imagery was:


  Yes! its working.. I'm getting the GOES images now, and xsat is pumping
  the IR/SAT images out..

  thanks for all your help! .. and sorry that i missed the email a ways back
  about the McIDAS change :)

Is your current inquiry related to ingestion of Unidata-Wisconsin imagery,
or do you have something else in mind?

By the way, you can review all of the emails in our previous exchange
by using the search key 'aratari' in the form:


>Thomas Aratari                 address@hidden
>UofM ITD Contract Services     Unix System Administration
>Pager: 670-3861                        E-Page: address@hidden
>AOSS Building - LDM/Sys Admin          (734) 764-4584
>Medical Science Building II - Sys Admin        (734) 763-5558

Tom Yoksas

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