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20001208: LDM File times

>From: Erick Lorenz <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200012082136.eB8La8o05400 ldm-mcidas pnga2area


>Is there a feature of the ldm that causes files to be dated differently
>from the local system time?

When you say "dated", do you mean the time stamp on the file, or are
you referring to the file name?  If you are referring to the file name,
then the recommended setup for the ldm-mcidas decoder 'pnga2area' is to
use information in the data file itself to create the output file name.
Since date/time information in the file is in UTC, the name will reflect
UTC, not the clock time on the machine running the LDM.

>Some of my AREA files are dated about 7 hours into the future which would
>be about correct if my system was running on GMT but the date command gives

The date command in the LDM account?  The output from 'date' is modifiable
by the definition of the TZ environment variable in the session.

>I also notice that the events reported in ldmadmin watch are consistant
>with GMT rather than local.

Yes, that is correct.  Since weather products are almost 100% reported as
UTC, and since UTC is comparable from site-to-site regardless of where
the sites are physically located, it makes more sense to report thigs in

>I ask this because I also noticed that when I touch a file as root the same
>discrepency occurs.  I just want to make sure whether this is due to the
>LDM or perhaps is because my system was compromised
>recently and now I have to look for some hacked program that messing with
>my dates.

Is TZ defined in the 'ldm' account?

>Erick Lorenz
>U C Davis

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Tom Yoksas

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