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[IDV #HVQ-354383]: taskbars, warnings before big jobs

Hi Brian,

We now have a basic warning system for huge grid requests.
A warning is issued when a request above 60 MB is made, but
I hope to have a user defined threshold enabled in the nightly
builds soon. In order to use the check, you will need the
latest release (3.1u1). It's experimental, so you will need
to enable it to try it out. To enable it, go to the task bar
and click "Edit -> Preferences", click on the "Formats & Data"
tab and tun on "Warn on Large Remote Data Requests (experimental)".

We'll continue to look into the other things, such as a more
informative activity monitor.



> > Hello IDV team.
> >
> > Could a warning system before executing large requests,
> > and a more informative activity monitor,
> > be designed and included in future releases?
> >
> >
> > IDV often takes a long time to do something, with
> > little indication of how long it is expected to take.
> > Right now I am 30 minutes into a who-knows-how-long
> > wait to create a .zidv bundle. Actually I have never made a .zidv,
> > I always succumb to doubts and quit the job.
> >
> > IDV warns before loading rather paltry amounts of satellite imagery,
> > but then gives no comparable no warning when some huge and
> > (I would think) quite calculable grid request is made.
> >
> > Also, it would be nice to know what the hangup is in a little more
> > detail. Is a file being downloaded and progress is happening?
> > Or is it rendering or otherwise doing a lot of math?
> > Or is it stuck?
> >
> > My students are coming away from their class a little afraid and
> > superstitious about IDV, which is too bad.
> >
> > To repeat: Could a warning system before executing large requests,
> > and a more informative activity monitor, be built for future releases?
> >
> Brain,
> This is a feature in our TODO list but relatively low priority. I will bring 
> up your request in our developer monthly meeting tomorrow morning. To give a 
> warning message is not difficult, but the detail activity monitoring might be 
> a little tedious to fully implemented. In the current release, there are some 
> general indicators as reading the data or rendering the display, but 
> definitely not detail enough.
> Yuan
> > Thanks,
> > Brian Mapes
> >
> >

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