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[IDV #EGD-210170]: confusions in loading a bundle that I saved without data

> I am quite confused about saving bundles without data
> (Display and View templates). It seems appealing, but is awkward.
> At the very least, least, the documentation is out of date:
> The Help browser in IDV 3.1 says:
> *            The Enable user to change data button, when checked, will 
> configure the bundle so that when it is loaded the user will be able to 
> change the file paths or URLS that point to data sets.
> There is no such button.

      The problem is that there are several steps in the loading display only 
bundle can go wrong. It is probably easier to save a regular bundle, and then 
change the data path.
      In general, it is always the most challenge part to do the perfect design 
of the user interface in a application like the IDV. We welcome any suggestion 
to improve the user interfaces in the IDV. The development of the IDV is always 
driven by the requirement of our community.

> So I saved a bundle with the "Data Sources" box unchecked.
> Views and Displays remained checked.
> When I try to load this bundle in a fresh IDV session,
> I get a Field Selector dialog for a field with its name in italics as
> the clue for what to select, but with no options available except Formulas.
> I can click OK, or Cancel. That's all.
> "Initializing after unpersistence" error if I click OK,
> or nothing if I click Cancel (the next dialog comes up
> for the next displayed field, again with no options
> other than Formulas.
> Apparently I have to attach Data Sources first, then open the bundle.
> A little inconvenient, as I have to click "cancel" like 10 times,
> then go to Data Choosers, then return to open the bundle again.
> Do I or don't I want to Change data paths when opening the bundle?
> From what? This check box doesn't make much sense. Perhaps the
> mouse-hover help on that checkbox could be a little more explicit.
> Does this apply to local-disk data sources only?
> OK, finally I get a Field Selector with some data sources available.
> But it seems I have to re-enter all my ensemble members, times,
> levels, etc. It is like starting cold. What a tedium. Difference fields
> don't seem to know what they were differences of. In fact I have to
> locate the difference formula again, and then locate and fill in a and b.
> Only the vague display name (simple difference) is my only clue to
> what display it is trying to load.
> Among other things I soon get this error:
> "Initializing after unpersistence
> Invalid range:ucar.ma2.InvalidRangeException: Number
> of ranges in section (1) must be = 2"
> Can't make sense of it. Sigh. Click OK. Who knows what will be
> broken after I do all the rest of the work.
> If I have to wade through all the time subsetting manually,
> I almost may as well build the whole darn thing from scratch .
> Saving a bundle without its data seems like a drag to me.
> It is klunky and poorly documented. I have tried several times
> and also at the training and read the documentation, and
> it still confuses me.
> Thanks,
> Brian Mapes
> address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden> or address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden>

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