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[RAMADDA #ZKJ-217366]: Adding RAMADDA URL to catalog menu

Hi Dave-

Happy New Year-

> On Dec 18, 2009, at 2:08 PM, Unidata RAMADDA Support wrote:
> > I just added a group on our  RAMADDA server that holds a list of links to 
> > the catalogs on external servers:
> >
> > http://motherlode.ucar.edu/repository/entry/show/RAMADDA/IDV+Community+Resources/Servers?entryid=23dec561-b869-4e20-8b1b-f38e4659ebab
> >
> > I have added a link to that group from our main IDV catalog under 
> > "Community Data Servers"
> > So, to get to virga just have your students open "Community Data Servers" 
> > and there will be the link to the catalog on virga.
> Jeff,
> Terrific! Now we have to figure out:
> (1) how to load and plot multiple COSMIC data files in one fell swoop (I have 
> a help request submitted to support-idv on that one-although I could 
> highlight a bunch of COSMIC data files from our RAMADDA server in Data 
> Choosers, Adding Source only loaded the first one on the list);

If you select multiple files, you will see only one time (the nominal time). 
But if you load the data, you get the multiple times.  Yuan is looking into 
showing all the times.

> (2) read compressed (I think) AREA files acquired via the UNIWISC feed and 
> passed through the png2area decoder (the IDV won't read these, making their 
> accessibility via RAMADDA something a moot point);

I'll look into this.  Theoretically, you should be able to open these as Image 
Files (GINI), but it doesn't work.

> (3) figure out if, and if, how, to tell WXP to save files in NetCDF format, 
> and see if the IDV will read them (a question for Dan Vietor to answer), 
> because otherwise our METAR and syntopic and upper air point data aren't very 
> useful on RAMADDA, either. (This matters because the ADDE servers of surface 
> METAR data only make data available since 00Z of the current day, which is an 
> absurdly short time.)

We still don't support the WXP format for netCDF data.  We are working on 
alternatives to ADDE, but it won't make the 2.8 release.

Don Murray

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