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[IDV #JJB-785387]: WRF NetCDF files in IDV 2.7b1


> I've tried many times to view the resulting files of the "geogrid.exe"
> or "metgrid.exe" commands of WRF in IDV but to no avail.

Were you able to read these in before, or is this a problem with
the 2.7 beta?

> I systematically get the error message similar to:
> *No gridded data found for :
> /home/wrf/domain/SWIO/met_nmm.d01.2009-02-06_00:00:00.nc*
> I then try to load this as another data type as proposed but again, it
> does not work. What surprises me is that I am able to view the end
> results of the WRFPOST post-processing in IDV, I just cannot view the
> pre processing files.
> Any hint as to what to do / look for?

If this has never worked, I would suspect that the files are not
in any convention that the IDV supports.  If you can upload a sample


I can take a look.

Don Murray

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