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[IDD #AYS-505040]: Recent NEXRAD2 IDD latencies with idd.unidata

Hi again,

As an FYI and "for the files":

One of the two NOAA Top Level sources for the LDM/IDD NEXRAD2 feed
is currently unreachable, at least, most of the time, so data is either
not flowing from it to us or very sporadically.

Here is a nice NWS site that shows the NEXRAD2 relay setup: 


Some time back, we were asked to _not_ REQUEST redundant NEXRAD2 feeds from
both of the Top Level relays,  RDS (rds.nexrad.noaa.gov) and TDS 
from more than one of our machines.  To comply with this request, we setup one
or our accumulators to REQUEST from the RDS Top Level source, and the other to 
from the TDS Top Level source.  The first accumulator was setup to also REQUEST 
from the
NEXRAD2 relay at Purdue, and the other one was setup to REQUEST NEXRAD2 from
the relay at OU/IRaDS.  The third accumulator has never been ALLOWed to REQUEST
from the two NOAA Top Level relays, so it was configured to REQUEST from
Purdue and from ERC Broadband, another of the Top Level relays for NEXRAD2.

Evidently, what happened is that the machine REQUESTing from NOAA's TDS and
OU/IRaDS stopped getting data routinely, and what ever it did get was
very old.  I think that this data was what was leaking into the IDD, and
it may be what tickled your notification setup.

The "real" story is a bit more complicated than this, however, since one
of the active backend nodes of the idd.unidata.ucar.edu cluster,
node7.unidata.ucar.edu, is showing NEXRAD2 latencies that have periodically
exceeded 600 seconds, so it is possible that you were connected to it for
your NEXRAD2 feed and thus experiencing latencies high enough to trigger
your notification system.

I just finished re-configuring the LDM REQUESTs on our accumulator
machines, and have observed that the products being received on one
(oliver.unidata.ucar.edu) are now timely.

Again, just an FYI and "for the files"...


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