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[IDD #GVW-386836]: 20220811: Product in wxwire feed issue

Hi Jim,

First, I drove your question into our inquiry tracking system as it
is better answered there.

> Sorry to bother you something else today. I am bouncing between probably
> 6 projects right now.  As you know we have separated out my wxwire feed
> into a queue of its own as you see below:
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/nwstg.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/goes.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/nwstg2.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/oconus.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l 
> /home/ldm/var/logs/polar-orbiter.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/nbm.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/encrypt.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l 
> /home/ldm/var/logs/experimental.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/goes-west.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l 
> /home/ldm/var/logs/goes-east.log"
> EXEC    "noaaportIngester -n -m -l /home/ldm/var/logs/wxwire.log -q 
> /home/ldm/var/queues/wxwire.pq"


> There are some products that seem to only come over that feed. As an
> example URNT15 KNHC. In my pqact.conf I have the following entry:
> IDS|DDPLUS      (......) (....) (......) /p(...)(...)
>         FILE    -overwrite -close -strip wmoreports/\1-\2-\4-\5.TXT

Remember that 'pqact' instances are run from EXEC lines in the LDM
configuration file, AND, more importantly in this case, they act on
a particular LDM queue, not all LDM queues.  Given this, you will
likely need to add an EXEC action for another instance of 'pqact', 
and in that EXEC line, you will need to specify the queue that that
instance of 'pqact' needs to watch/process products out of.

Here is the top of the output of 'man pqact' that shows the '-q' flag
that needs to be specified:
PQACT(1)                                General Commands Manual                 

       pqact - program to process products in a Unidata LDM product queue

       pqact [-v] [-x] [-l logdest] [-d datadir] [-q pqfname] [-f feedtype] [-p 
pattern] [-i interval]
              [-t timeout] [-o time] [conf_file]

> If I do a pqutil –vl- -f DDPLUS –w /home/ldm/var/queues/wxwire.pq I see
> the data flowing into that queue and all is coming in as IDS|DDPLUS but
> as I do not get the URNT15 KNHC reports written to the folder. 

Undoubtedly because the existing instance of 'pqact' is looking at the
main LDM queue; the one that is defined in the LDM registry.

> Now one
> thing to note with these reports, they have a WMO header, but do not
> have a AFOS PIL associated with them. Would that be why my entry is not
> working or is my wxwire.pq not getting processed at all?

I can't say if this is _a_ problem.  The initial problem is that you
likely do not have a 'pqact' instance that is looking at the queue into
which WxWire products are being inserted.

> If this is because of my pqact entry I guess I can submit this to the
> ldm users for advice on a better way to be able to catch it either way
> since I am leveraging the WMO header and PIL being part of the file name
> to simplify filing.
> Hopefully my question makes sense.

Your question makes total sense.  Does my answer ring true for your
setup (I don't recall what the set of 'pqact' EXECs you have setup
in your LDM configuration file)?


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