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[IDD #CMJ-104491]: GOES-17 Feed stopped

Hi again,

> Thank you very much for your help.  Will it usually be one or the other, or
> could there be times when both are delivered?

The NWS Service Change Notice says that the GOES-17 ABI imagery will
be replaced by GOES-18 ABI imagery during the interleave tests, and
I think that they have been trying to imply that when GOES-18 imagery
is flowing, GOES-17 imagery will _not_ be flowing, but I can say from
experience that sometimes cutovers "like this" have had some overlap.

I think that the best approach is to REQUEST both GOES-17 and
GOES-18 imagery since this would eliminate the chore of switching
from one to the other in your LDM configuration file and then having
to restart your LDM for the change(s) to take effect.

Quick question:

- did you see the note sent out to the address@hidden
  email list about the current GOES-18 interleave test?

  The note was sent by a member of the Unidata user community, and,
  since the interleave test is much the same as the previous interleave
  test that occurred in May, I didn't think it was necessary to repeat
  the information in the user's announcement or the one we sent earlier.
  Perhaps this was shortsighted of me?

Additional comment:

- another way to modify your REQUEST is to include WEST in the
  extended regular expression, and not specify G17

  Here is one example of how to do this:

Example Product ID:


REQUEST DIFAX "WEST/OR_ABI-L1b-RadF" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

WEST is included in the Product IDs regardless of the image being from GOES-17 
or GOES-18.


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