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[IDD #FXV-631344]: Are the tsunami products supported on the IDD?


re: example tsunami report headers
> address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > re:
> > > Thanks. I'll make that work. I've got a list of the WMO IDs, but the
> > events
> > > are infrequent enough I was hoping someone (you immediately sprang to
> > mind)
> > > might know.
> >
> > If you could share some of the WMO IDs, I could poke around on the net to
> > see what can be seen.
> >

> Looks like WEXX[34]?, WECA[34]?


I just did a Google search using the search key 'wmo tsunami headers'
and the first hit was:

Tsunami Product Codes - WMO Headers (August 2007)

As you will see, the WEXX30 products are: Public Tsunami Warnings, Watches, and 
This PDF, which is old, does not show WEXX4 products.

Here is the URL for a page that looks more current (2017, at least):


From this table, the headers you note above, WEXX[34] and WECA[34] look
like some of the ones that you may be interested in.

If the  headers you sent are the only ones of interest, then a
regular expression to be used in an LDM pattern-action file that
should work could be:


I would try an action that looks like:

WMO  (WE(XX|CA)[34]) .... (..)(..)(..)
   FILE -close



This is just a guess, of course :-)


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