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[IDD #CWR-357624]: LDM queue keeps growing


> I've attached the registry.xml file from the ldm server that is
> experiencing the steady growth in the queue "ldm.pq".  As you can see we
> already have the "reconciliation=mode" set to "no nothing"
> but yet file queue grows.

I don't see anything wrong with your LDM registry file either. Just to make 
sure, however, would you please send us the output of the command "ldmadmin 

> What are the circumstances that might cause the
> ldm queue to grow beyond it's defined size?

The only mechanism I know of (and I should know) is if the 
"reconciliation-mode" parameter is set to "increase queue".

How was the queue made? "ldmadmin mkqueue" or "ldmadmin mkqueue -f"?

> Also on this server in the /opt/ldm/var/queues directory there is a second
> file called "ldmd.pq" that is is also growing but not as fast as the actual
> queue (ldm.pq).

Very odd.

Would you please send us the output of the following commands:
    ls -l ~/var/queues/
    ps -ef | grep ldmd
    pqcat ~/var/queues/ldm.pq >/dev/null
    pqcat ~/var/queues/ldmd.pq >/dev/null
    crontab -l | grep '^[^#]'

> This server and another have been running stable since
> forever but both are experiencing this queue growth suddenly.

Did something recently change on the system in question (other than the LDM's 
behavior, of course).

> Do you have
> any thoughts as to what could have instigated this?

At this point, no. We've never seen this behavior before.

Steve Emmerson

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