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[IDD #MME-872557]: 20210223: GOES Derived Products on NOAAport

Hi Fred,

> I have been working on improving my smoke detection product by adding
> fire hotspot information. For the nighttime I have added an algorithm
> based on channel 6 data which is much improved over the NOAA hotspot
> product. However, during the daytime, my algorithm has a lower
> detection efficiency than the NOAA hotspot product. I am using the NOAA
> hotspot derived product for the daytime of my GOES-east smoke products.
> I get the east NOAA hotspot products from the Unidata NOAAport server
> NPGOESR. I am now moving to put these algorithms into the west
> products, but it appears that NPGOESS only has raw GOES-17 channel
> products.


> Could the west GOES derived products be added to NPGOESS?

NOAAPort is the source of the image/product data that's served in
the McIDAS ADDE NPGOESR and NPGOESS datasets.  Currently, there
are no GOES-West/17 Level 2 image products (other than the Cloud and
Moisture Imagery) being sent in the NOAAPort SBN.  The only other
Level 2 product being sent in NOAAPort is the Derived Motion Winds.

We have been told by a NOAA representative that the only reason that
the GOES-East/16 Level 2 products are being distributed in NOAAPort is
NOAA was so excited by the availability of the GOES-16 Level 2 products
when they first started to be produced that they decided to add them to
the NOAAPort SBN so that as many people as possible could be exposed
to the products.  Leaving the products in the NOAAPort SBN was never
in their long term plans (we've been told), and they are considering
whether or not to drop them from the SBN altogether due to severe
bandwidth limitations that are being experienced.  I made it clear
to the NOAA representative that I was talking to that we, Unidata,
will want to continue to distribute the Level 2 products if/when they
are removed from NOAAPort, and we would need time to develop the
procedures needed to do so well in advance of their removal.

Just so you know, the procedures that are in-place to extract Level 2
products from NOAAPort-derived IDD feeds (NOTHER and HDS) and then
distribute them in the NIMAGE feed will automatically include Level 2
products from GOES-West/17 if/when they become available.  We have seen
a couple of instances where GOES-West Level 2 products were sent, and
they were, in fact, included in the NIMAGE feed, but their inclusion
in NOAAPort did not last for long.

By the way, I don't know if you noticed that we added the CSU/CIRA-produced
GeoColor images to the NIMAGE feed.  I have not finished the code 
modifications needed to be made in the McIDAS ABIN ADDE servers to
support these images, but it is something on my (way too long) TODO


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