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[IDD #SET-184160]: GOES-W AREA Files

Hi Jim,

If you are still interested, I put together a "system" that sites
that are REQUESTing the UNIWISC feed from the IDD can use to
remap the GOES-16/17 FullDisk images into GOES-13/15 images so
that application packages that understand the GVAR navigation
can use.

I've put the compressed tar file out on anonymous FTP for you
to grab if you are still interested:

machine:   ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
user:      anonymous
pass:      your_email_address
directory: pub/mcidas/UniwiscFDRemapToGVAR
file:      uniwiscfdremap.tar.gz

The design of the content in this tarball is to be:

- downloaded to the HOME directory of the user running the

- unpacked from that the ~ldm/ directory

  tar xvzf uniwiscfdremap

This will create the ~ldm/mcidas, ~ldm/mcidas/bin, ~ldm/mcidas/data,
~ldm/mcidas/etc and ~ldm/mcidas/logs directories.  The contents are
as follows:

~ldm/mcidas/bin   - contains a BASH script that is designed to be run
                    from an LDM pattern-action file action that follows
                    an action that FILEs UNIWISC FullDisk imagery to

~ldm/mcidas/data  - contains GOES-13 and GOES-15 images that have GVAR
                    navigations; a McIDAS ADDE definition file (RESOLV.SRV)
                    that defines three McIDAS ADDE datasets; a McIDAS
                    routing table (MCTABLE.TXT) that tells McIDAS where
                    to expect; several ADDE datasets; and a file (LWPATH.NAM)
                    that will insure that the remap AREA files are created
                    and used in the ~ldm/mcidas/data directory

~ldm/mcidas/etc   - contains an LDM pattern-action file that has
                    the action we use to FILE (ldmfile.sh) the products
                    and the action that EXECs the BASH script for each
                    FullDisk image
~ldm/mcidas/logs  - this is the directory into which the BASH script will
                    log its output


Since I don't know how you have things setup for LDM processing of
UNIWISC FullDisk images, and since I don't know the names of the
ADDE datasets that you have created to access those UNIWISC images,
the names of source ADDE datasets will undoubtedly not match what
you are already using

Since I don't know what your ~ldm/ directory actually is (e.g., is it
/home/ldm, /opt/ldm, /usr/local/ldm, etc.), a number of of the files
in the package will need to be modified.

I can walk you through the steps of setting everything up if you
are still interested.

Just so you know, I have been running the setup on my home McIDAS
development machine and visualizing and interrogating the images
that are created for a half day, and everything has been working
as designed.

Please let me know if you are still interested!


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