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[IDD #SET-184160]: GOES-W AREA Files

Hi Jim,

> You confirmed what I was expecting for the GOES-W AREA files. I just couldn't 
> figure out
> why we were still getting the files for GOES-E and the RTIMAGE blocks were 
> still listed
> for GOES-W products in the web example.

Hmm... the current web page that lists all of the products in the 
Unidata-Wisconsin datastream
does not show the old GOES-West/15 image sectors nor the old, but still existing
GOES-16/remapped 13 sectors.  Here is the URL for the page I am referring to:


If you are seeing renditions of the old sectors, then it should be the case that
your browser view needs to be forcibly refreshed (e.g., shift-refresh) or
you are looking at the old page:


> My e-mail somehow got the typo for the Full Disk composite block, it was okay 
> in the
> actual pqact.conf file.

Hmm, that is strange for two reason:

- I don't know how an email client would change a word unless it was somehow
  doing an auto correct

- I asked for the pattern-action file to be sent so that I would be sure
  of the entries being used/tried, and so I could make sure that the
  actions included are properly formatted

> Our ldmd.conf file hasn't really been updated for years. I plan to go through 
> it and make
> the changes that you have suggested and some other needed changes that I saw 
> may be
> needed. I haven't really dealt much with LDM, since I retired in 2013, and 
> apparently
> not much has changed in the pqact.conf and ldmd.conf files, since then.

One of the key guarantees with the LDM is that its configuration files are
backwardly compatible.


- what version of the LDM is running on the machine you are working on?

  The easiest way to get this and other information is to do the following:

  <as 'ldm'>
  ldmadmin config

> I'm not familiar with the srvlp-dpt-met02.plymouth.edu machine as I primarily 
> have been
> fixing web page related problems, but I'll add the line rtstats entry to
> typhoon.plymouth.edu, since this does get UNIWISC feed data.


> I've had a number of
> web-related application fixes to do, primarily because the system clock was 
> changed
> from UTC time to EST5EDT time, which caused a number of issues relating to 
> file naming,
> etc.


If you like, I could login to your machine as 'ldm' and check to make sure that
things are setup correctly.  Logging in would require getting the login 
and the machine's/department's/university's firewall(s) would have to allow the
connection attempt.  If you would like me to login and poke around, please email
me (address@hidden) the password for the 'ldm' account in an email ** that make
NO mention of the account for which it is valid, or of the machine on which the
account lives **.


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