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[LDM #LQF-497474]: NEXRAD feed

Hi Bongchul,

> I think that I am randomly missing an end piece for some timestamps
> and the pieces of a Level II are not assembled.
> Have you ever seen this?

Yes, we have seen situations like this in the past.  I can not say that
we are seeing this same thing now for Iowa radars since we do not
monitor the NEXRAD2 data that carefully.

As far as your observation "and the pieces of a Level II are not assembled",
what process are you using to reassemble pieces back into a full volume
scan?  I ask because we moved away from a Perl script that we used for
years because we found that it was not thorough enough to piece together
volume scans when there were some pieces missing, mainly the beginning
or ending pieces.

The procedure we went to here to reassemble volume scans from
NEXRAD2 pieces is a Python script named l2assemble.py, and this
script can be found in the ldm-alchemy repository of the Unidata
part of github:


The pattern-action file action we use to run l2assemble.py is:

# ---------------------------------
# - NEXRAD Level II Radar WSR-88D -
# ---------------------------------
        PIPE    -metadata
        etc/TDS/ldm-alchemy/l2assemble.py -g -t 960 -d 
        -f raw --threads 20


I cut and pasted this action out of an LDM pattern-action file, so the
places where tabs are needed instead of spaces have been lost.  If you
decide to use this script and corresponding action, you will need to 
make sure that the syntax of the action is correct.


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