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[IDD #MGQ-784340]: COD machine REQUESTing LDM/IDD feed(s) from lead.unidata.ucar.edu

Hi Mike,

re: REQUEST that is being blocked is due to no reverse DNS

> Copy that.  Well it's nice to know my imglist checks weren't throwing up
> the flags.

Not at all.

In case you didn't already know, you can also get GOES-16 imagery via
ADDE from:


And, we will be adding the data and serving to:

adde.ucar.edu (after it is upgraded to a Linux machine)

re: lead's IP address is

> Heh, you say that, but we have a whole section in our ldmd.conf full of
> IPs.  Most are allows, not requests, but either way I just checked for that
> IP and couldn't find one that matched.  But knowing the IP to look for
> really helps.

Our blanket ALLOWs are by name, not IP/IP mask.

re: ancient, commented out lines in your LDM configuration file(s)

> Talk about ancient, that section of IPs I mentioned... no joke, here's the
> header comment:
> "#For 10/7/97 outage."
> Referring to, I believe, a DNS outage of sorts, which would explain having
> IPs all over the place.  But yeah, I really need to do some house cleaning.

:-)  The LDM and IDD have been active since 1994!

re: perhaps the REQUEST is an old one setup by Victor?

> So he didn't have any machine "off to the side" or anything.  While he
> would make edits to LDM(s), anything he did would be included in places I'm
> already looking.



> A few notes on this.  Victor was trying to get 15-minute HRRR data at one
> point, and actually looks like it's still coming in.  But he was very
> selective about it, only requesting two specific products and not the whole
> ".*" show, so we wouldn't have seen a noticeable bandwidth hit from just
> that.  I see those requests are still active though, and we're still
> getting data:
> request FSL2 "^GRIB2\.FSL\.*Minute\.REFC" hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu
> request FSL2 "^GRIB2\.FSL\.*Minute\.UPHL.5000m" hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu

Ah Ha!  hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu is another name for lead.unidata.ucar.edu!

> Given that, `nslookup hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu` results in, so
> not the same as the one you gave me for lead.

Actually, it is, but not so as it is obvious (that would be too easy :-)

> Now this is all taking place on Atlas.cod.edu, where we were processing
> that data.  And like I said we're still getting data there, so those
> requests seem to be going through.  But something else I'll say, we
> recently replaced that server and we still have the old one running
> parallel just in case we needed to revert.  The plan was to take it offline
> next week so LDM is still running on that too right now.  I just took a
> look through those logs, and now I see a bunch of these (that don't exist
> on the other servers):
> hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu[2852] NOTE error.c:236:err_log() Upstream LDM didn't
> reply to FEEDME request; RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset
> by peer

That's because the machine making the REQUEST does not have reverse DNS
(IP -> name).  If it did, and if the name resolved to a '.edu', the
feed REQUESTs would be honored.

> I also see the same thing for idd.unidata.ucar.edu there.  Interesting.
> We actually stopped using that (FSL2 15-minute HRRR) data a while back, so
> there's no need for those requests anymore.  I just turned them off
> everywhere I believe they exist, and if you stop seeing those hits then
> maybe that was it.

I am sure that was it as I no longer am seeing the 'Denying connection'
messages from  Success!

re: cutting down on needless logging
> Understood, and we certainly want to accommodate you.


> Here's what I'm thinking:  If disabling those HRRR requests did it then
> great.  So let me know if you're still seeing those requests or not.  But
> assuming that won't work, I'll next reach out to a few other people here,
> including our IT Network Services guy.  He's conveniently out of the office
> today, but I'm hoping we'll be able to trace back what's trying to radio
> the lead server in short time.

We're good now.  Now I need to track down the owners of the other
two machines making REQUESTs.  Those will be much harder I fear as
one is from what looks to be a private company in Denver (but that
just might be the ISP), and the other one appears to be coming from
Cairo, Egypt!

> It's good to know it's not critical so I don't have to hit any panic
> buttons, but I'd like to get this straightened out too.  Sorry for the
> inconvenience.

Again, no worries.  I wouldn't even have know about it if it were not
for the problems we experienced on lead earlier in the week.

All's well that ends well!

Thanks for the help!!


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