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[IDD #ZKK-809489]: GRB broadcast on iddb still happening?

Hi Pete,

re: sending out GRB imagery/products under IDD UNIWISC feed
> That sounds good, unless perhaps at some point you're still thinking of 
> putting some
> McIDAS AREA sectors (similar to what's currently on UNIWISC) out for sites 
> that want to
> try to keep backwards compatible and not deal with netcdf4.

UNIWISC already contains a nice set of GOES image sectors in PNG compressed AREA
format.  The good news (for us, at least) is that it would be very easy to
REQUEST just the "old" sectors, just the new imagery, or both.  For instance:

Old/original PNG compressed AREA sectors:

REQUEST UNIWISC "pnga2area" <upstream feed host>

New/netCDF GRB imagery and products:

REQUEST UNIWISC "cspp-geo" <upstream feed host>


REQUEST UNIWISC ".*" <upstream feed host>

The fact that the old and new images would not be in the same format does not
seem like a big deal to me, but I am all ears if you have a different view!

> Would UNIWISC be the right
> place for those? Or perhaps those AREA sectors could go on something like 
> FNEXRAD which
> as far as I know is only used for the Unidata generated GINI composite NEXRAD 
> images.

FNEXRAD currently contains radar imagery (in GINI format, no less).  I am not 
that satellite imagery really fits.

> Looking through the feed types in protocol2/ldm5.h, what about DIFAX? Is that 
> used for
> anything anymore? The genuine imitation DIFAX maps that we used to create are 
> pretty much
> in a state of disarray, and we don't use them anymore so my motivation to fix 
> them is
> pretty nonexistent. Could the DIFAX feed be redone as a GRB broadcast feed?

This is an interesting idea indeed.  DIFAX is _one_ of the feed types that needs
to be repurposed along with IDS, DDS, and PPS.  The only hitch would be the need
to cut a new LDM distribution in which the name DIFAX would be replaced by 
like GOESR.  I'll talk this idea up with Mike and Steve!

> Thoughts?

Reusing something like DIFAX is attractive since it is not in active use anymore
(that we know of, at least).  Since you were the last to use it, it should be
safe to repurpose it for GOESR/S distribution.

More later...


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