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[Support #FFU-213127]: RE: IDD feeds question

Hi Jonny and David,

> We wanted to follow-up on an inquiry our agency had regarding AWIPS (please 
> see below).

> Our agency is deploying AWIPS (EDEX and CAVE).  I am in the IT department and
> I have a question about the IDD feeds.  In the documentation:
> /awips2/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf contains the upstream server (default 
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu,
> which requires you connect form a .edu domain). This file also contains the 
> edexBridge
> hostname (default localhost).

Correct.  We operate our Internet Data Distribution (IDD) primarily for the 
of the U.S. educational community.

> I don't know what upstream servers to configure since we are not a .edu.  Any
> guidance would be appreciated.

Government agencies that are using AWIPS have typically been setup to ingest
the NOAAPort Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN) that the NWS runs to supply
weather forecasting offices with (near) real time data.  Those sites are
using our NOAAPort ingest component of the LDM to do the ingest, and then
using the LDM itself to relay the data, or use it internally.

We do provide IDD feeds to some government groups especially when there is
a measurable benefit to the Unidata community as a whole in our providing
the feeds.  Also, some universities are willing to feed non-university
entities with IDD feeds.  Perhaps this would be the case with the UArizona?

NB: The sites that we feed from the IDD must realize that the IDD is not
to be considered to be operational!  Sites that need operational data
feeds will be advised that installing and operating their own NOAAPort
ingest capability would be their best option.


- how many EDEX instances are you envisioning deploying?

  What I am really asking is how many machines you would like to
  receive IDD feeds?

- are you looking for each of your EDEX instances to be fed from
  one or more IDD relays

  We _much_ prefer that institutions run a single LDM to get data from
  the IDD and then fan that data out to the various machines that
  they want to receive those data.  This is the great thing about the
  LDM: each node can be a data source, a data sync (end user) or
  a data relay all at the same time.

> Thank you,

No worries.   Again, many apologies for taking so long to get back to


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