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[IDD #UMS-855434]: Question regarding data access in Central America and Caribbean

Hi Marcial,

> How are you? How is your spanish these days?

I'm doing OK, thanks.  My Spanish is not so good unfortunately :-(

> The Met Services of three countries have requested to join the IDD-CC. We
> are coordinating with Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, and Belize to install
> their systems and train them in how to monitor it and access the data.
> I think this is a good start!

I think that this is a GREAT start!  Congratulations!!

> Inside Costa Rica, three other institutions requested me to include them in
> the IDD-CC:
> 1. The Centre for Geophysical Research (part of UCR).
> 2. The National Meteorological Institute (our Met Service).
> 3. The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (goverment institution where
>    the Costa Rican Hidrology Department is located).

This sounds very good also!

> I know there are some limitations regarding data sharing and just want to
> know them well before hand.
> Can you guide me a bit and share your experience?

The _great_ majority of the data available via the IDD is freely available
and has no restrictions on redistribution.  Exceptions to this are:

- proprietary feeds

  Examples of IDD feeds that have proprietary data are LIGHTNING,
  PCWS, and WSI.

  These should not be a problem since you, UCR, are not allowed access
  to these feeds, so you have nothing to relay.

- there are some products that are subject to WMO Resolution 40
  restrictions on reintroduction into their country of origin

  WMO Resolution 40 explicitly allows use of products that have
  restrictions for educational institutions.  Receipt and use by
  government agencies and private entities in the countries of
  origin, on the other hand, are restricted.  Just so you know,
  we do NOT have a list of the products that are subject to
  WMO Resolution 40 restrictions.  Figuring out what products
  might be restricted is no very easy as one has to review WMO
  documents to figure out what is and is not restricted.  And,
  I do not have a URL to point you to for, sorry.

  The reality of the situation is that data flowing to Brasil
  (INPE/CPTEC) has been relayed to other countries (Sao Tome and
  Principe, Portugal, Mozambique) has not been challenged... yet.

> Thanks!

Sorry I can't be of more help, but this whole area is a bit
unclear.  The best we can hope for is to do due diligence (i.e.,
not ignore anything), and react quickly if/when a complaint is

> PS: Are you going to the GOES-R launch?

Unfortunately, no.  We are trying to get our downlink ready so that
we can receive data as soon as it is broadcast.  The installation
of the satellite dish should be finished this coming Monday, and
then data cables have to be run into the NCAR main machine room.
After that, we need to install the downlink software (CSPP GEO from
UW/SSEC/CIMSS) and get things working.  Lots of work!


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