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[IDD #MEH-284852]: LDM access

Hi Dan,

> Thanks for the help. We've got the LDM installed and ready to go.

Very good.

> If you
> could provide us with the server name

The Unidata top level IDD relay cluster to REQUEST from is idd.unidata.ucar.edu.
We note, however, that the machine that you indicated you will want to
make the REQUEST(s) from has neither forward nor reverse DNS.  Please ask
your system/network administrator(s) to setup both forward and reverse DNS
for your machine.  When this is done, let us know and we will make sure
that your machine is ALLOWed to REQUEST from our top level IDD relay.

> and entries that we'll need to place
> in ldmd.conf, that'd be great.

Previously Jeff noted:

> NMC2 will have NCEP model output, but the GEFS and SREF and HRRR are being
> delivered over the CONDUIT feed (hi-res, hi-volume, model output from NCEP)
> The RTMA is coming over on the NGRID feed, and I do not think we are
> getting the NAEFS.

Slight correction to the above: The NMC2 feed is the same as CONDUIT.
I believe that Jeff meant to say that you will want to REQUEST all or
some of the products from both the CONDUIT and NGRID data feeds.

The following page lists the canonical names and of IDD data feeds and
their "aliases":


> Sounds like we'll be pulling from the
> CONDUIT feed but in the event we need to grab data via NMC2,

The feeds that you will likely want to REQUEST are CONDUIT and NGRID.

> the machine we'll be using is:
> Since I'm providing my IP, I'd prefer if this message is NOT included as
> part of the publicly accessible archive for internet security purposes.

References do your machine name and IP address have been removed in this
reply, so they will not appear in the version of this exchange that will
be made publicly available.

Again, please contact your system and/or network administrator and ask
that forward and reverse DNS be established for your machine.  Please
let us know when full DNS has been established, and we will insure that
you are ALLOWed to REQUEST data from us.


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