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[IDD #UDV-113722]: Access denied by remote server

> Hi all

Hi John, 

> After some recent network changes the UCSD EDEX server has been reconnected
> to our ScienceDMZ but its being denied access to the idd. I assume its not
> happy with the edex.calit2.optiputer.net domain not matching the ALLOW
> *.edu rule.

Yes, your IP did change and we have your new IP.  We have the new IP allowed, 
so you should be able to ingest again.

> ERROR: NOTIFYME(idd.unidata.ucar.edu): 7: Access denied by remote server
> Can you add us to the config so we can get back online ?
> Also we had a HRRRX sub-hourly feed thats no longer available.
> Where is the proper place to REQUEST the HRRRX feed?
> # FSL/GSD HRRRX sub-hourly
> #
> REQUEST FSL2 "^GRIB2.FSL.HRRR" hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu
This request is good, we needed to change the allow IP on that machine 
(hrrr.unidata.ucar.edu) as well, please give us a few minutes for that change 
to take effect.

Please note that the HRRR output from GSD (aka HRRRx) does go up and down 
without notice. It did have an outage around 12Z today, You can view the 
statistics of the HRRR feed here:


..this is our ingest of the HRRR feed and will be a good indicator for the feed 

Hopefully all is set for you to be back up and running!


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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