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[IDD #GTL-274111]: Obtain upstream data-feeds

Hi Livio,

First, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on
your request to participate in the IDD!

> We, at the University of L’Aquila (Italy), would like to start
> using the Local Data Manager (LDM) to acquire meteorological data.
> I would be the LDM administrator and here are my contacts:
> Name: Livio Bernardini
> Phone number: +39 0862 433073
> Email address: address@hidden
> The LDM will be running on magritte.aquila.infn.it (
> We are interested in the CONDUIT feed so to acquire real time GFS
> products, and we would also like to receive the MADIS observations which
> I believe are under the FSL2/PCWS/FSL3 feed.

Two things here:

- the LDM on your machine should now be able to REQUEST the CONDUIT
  datastream from our top-level IDD relay, idd.unidata.ucar.edu

  If you are planning on REQUESTing the entire CONDUIT feed (and,
  depending on the network connection between us and you) you
  may need to split your CONDUIT REQUEST into several (e.g., 5)
  mutually exclusive subsets.  Here is an example of splitting
  a REQUEST for the entire feed into 5 mutually-exclusive subsets:

instead of requesting the entire feed with a single REQUEST like:

request CONDUIT ".*" idd.unidata.ucar.edu


request CONDUIT "[09]$" idd.unidata.ucar.edu
request CONDUIT "[18]$" idd.unidata.ucar.edu
request CONDUIT "[27]$" idd.unidata.ucar.edu
request CONDUIT "[36]$" idd.unidata.ucar.edu
request CONDUIT "[45]$" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

  The reason that this works is that the last field in the Product IDs
  for CONDUIT is a numeric product counter, and the split over time
  should result in like numbers of products on each of the sub-REQUESTs.

as far as Madis data goes, you will need to contact NOAA to get that
data as Madis data is not relayed in the IDD.

> I would be also very grateful if you could provide me with a list of
> potential upstream feed site(s) for our operations.

We will be looking for an alternate site from which you can feed CONDUIT.
We will also check to see where you should direct an email for a Madis

> Thank you very much.

No worries, and apologies once again for the slow reply.


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