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[IDD #MPQ-937932]: Local Data Manager Question

Hi Mary,

> I had an inquiry about the lightning feed to our ldm machine aeolus.ucsd.edu.
> It seems we are not currently getting that data. I'm not sure if this goes
> back to the problem related in December (if so I'm embarrassed it's been
> down this long!).

Well, I can't remember the problem back in December, so I can't say if
it is related.  What I can say is that both the NLDN and USPLN
lightning data is provide as point-to-point LDM feeds.  Also, the
use/redistribution of both of these lightning datasets is restricted
to use on the campus to which the data is being delivered -- i.e., the
data can not be relayed, to others and it can not be made available
in any way outside of the campus.

As I think back, I seem to recall that our interactions in December
were in response to a request that you had to relay the lighting
data for use in AWIPS-II, and the EDEX component of that installation
might (would?) be open to the world.  If I am remembering correctly,
then the comment would still be that this kind of use is _not_
permitted as it violates the restriction on redistribution of the


- am I remembering the situation back that came up back in December
  correctly, or am I totally off base?

> Or if the software update must happen to maintain the feed?

No, there is nothing special to be done to get the LIGHTNING feeds
other than to have the feed requests approved by the entities that
provide the feed:

NLDN  - UAlbany
USPLN - WSI (which is part of the Weather Company which is now part of IBM)

> In the past you (Tom - thank you!) have done the software updates for me;
> not sure if this is something you are still willing to do (I'm going to
> guess it's important).

I am willing to setup the REQUEST for the LIGHTNING feeds, but someone
there needs to contact the LIGHTNING providers directly and agree to
their terms of use.

> Appreciate your help as always (and still shake my head in amazement that
> the old aeolus machine keep chugging along!).

Yea, we have some very old machines in our shop as well.  The things that
tend to go are the HDDs as the grease in the spindles eventually dries
out, and hardens as soon as they are powered down for any non-trivial
length of time.

Please let us know what the intended use of the LIGHTNING data is, and we
will advise you of what the next step needs to be.


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