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[IDD #KUD-512290]: Backup NOAAPort source ?

Hi Rosie,

> The ldm password is the old "happy hour" one if you still have it,

Wow, that would require that I remember something that is more than a
week old :-)  That is highly unlikely :-(

> otherwise just to ahead and send us your pub key.

My public key is in ~tyoksas/.ssh/id_dsa.pub on 'ash'.  Since it may
(or is likely) that you do not have 'root' permission and so can't
access my .ssh directory's contents, I will send you the key from
my Unidata login (I don't want it included in this inquiry for security

Thanks for doing this!


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Ticket ID: KUD-512290
Department: Support NOAAPORT
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed