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[IDD #YCE-190543]: BGP routes from UNIDATA

Hi Gilbert,

> I hope you are doing well...it sure looks like it from your Facebook
> posts!

???  Whose Facebook post(s) are you referring to?  I haven't posted
anything to Facebook in several _years_, and I think that Steve doesn't
use Facebook also!

> Anyway, I was wondering about something. Last Thursday morning,
> they cut the fiber connection to NIU's Internet 2 (I2) connection to do
> some maintenance. The other two ISP's we have had a substantial jump in
> traffic, as the traffic switched over to them. But, I couldn't get data
> from UIUC.
> I'm wondering if UIUC is only BGP routing traffic across the I2? If
> so, that makes it impossible for me to get data from you if
> I2 goes down on our end. Is there any way to find out if I2
> is the only route from me to you?

I would run a 'traceroute' from your machine to the upstream machine(s)
that you have LDM REQUEST line(s) for.  You should be able to see if
there is a path that includes/is free of non-I2 hops.

The following is a traceroute from my Unidata workstation to
the UIllinois IDD relay:

% traceroute flood.atmos.uiuc.edu
traceroute to flood.atmos.uiuc.edu (, 30 hops max, 60 byte 
 1  flra-n156.unidata.ucar.edu (  0.400 ms  0.399 ms  0.395 ms
 2  tcom-gs-1-n243-80.ucar.edu (  0.485 ms  0.577 ms  0.620 ms
 3  xe-0-1-2.873.core-l3.frgp.net (  2.995 ms  3.002 ms  2.992 ms
 4  v3454.rtr-chic.frgp.net (  25.066 ms  25.067 ms  25.064 ms
 5  710rtr-internet2.ex.ui-iccn.org (  25.315 ms  25.314 ms  
25.042 ms
 6 (  27.836 ms  28.050 ms 
(  28.047 ms
 7  iccn-ur1rtr-uiuc1.gw.uiuc.edu (  38.745 ms 
t-ur1rtr.ix.ui-iccn.org (  26.088 ms  26.083 ms
 8  iccn-ur1rtr-uiuc1.gw.uiuc.edu (  36.462 ms t-exite1.gw.uiuc.edu 
(  26.122 ms  26.088 ms
 9  t-exite1.gw.uiuc.edu (  26.100 ms  26.098 ms *
10  * * *
30  * * *

This says that the route from us to UIllinois _is_ I2 only.


I recall that a couple of sites switched to all I2 routine a number
of years ago, but I have no idea if exclusive use of I2 is still in
effect, and I don't recall if UIllinois was one of the sites that
made the switch.

You might want to contact the UIllinois LDM/IDD site administrator:

David Wojtowicz <address@hidden>

He should be able to definitively resond to your UIllinois routing


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