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[IDD #KUL-673349]: Server Name Change

> Hello,

Hi Shawn, 

We have handled the machine name change here, but we cannot maintain "allow" 
access for feedtypes not coming from:


If you are feeding (ingesting) from other servers than idd.unidata.ucar.edu, you
will need to contact the admins of those machines and have them update their 

If you do not remember who the contact is, we can likely help with that.

Please check your ldmd.conf file to see from who you are feeding, and make them 
aware of the change.

Again, all data being delivered from our cluster:


...will continue to flow to the new machine name, barring any new firewall 
rules on the new machine.

> We have changed our server name from 'modeling2.acd.ucar.edu' to
> 'modeling2.acom.ucar.edu'.  If I remember correctly, you need this
> information (and it might be why a couple of my feeds are no longer
> working after the server name change, even after emailing the hosts of
> those data to get things updated on their end).
> -Shawn
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> Shawn Honomichl
> Atmospheric Chemistry Division
> National Center For Atmospheric Research
> Office: NCAR FL0, Rm 2558
> Boulder, CO  80307-3000
> Voice: (303) 497-8194, Fax (303) 497-1400
> Email: address@hidden
> https://staff.ucar.edu/users/shawnh
> http://acd.ucar.edu/~shawnh



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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