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[IDD #KUL-673349]: Server Name Change

Hi Shawn,

> One additional question:
> When I use the 'ldmadmin watch -f' command to monitor a feed, say
> 'LIGHTNING', then I should be able to process that incoming data, should
> I not?

'ldmadmin watch' shows what is being received in the local LDM queue.
If the watch shows that you are receiving the datafeed specified, then
yes, you should be able to process that data.  This would be done by
creating one or more pattern-action file actions that would do something
with the data.

> I ask because I am seeing the data from the LIGHTNING feed
> coming through the queue using the watch command but my pqact.conf
> commands (that worked perfectly fine before the server name change) are
> still not working for this feed.  And I am having a similar problem with
> the EXP feed that I get the COSMIC GPS data from (this feed comes from
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu).

Changing the name of the local LDM machine should have nothing to
do with the ability to process the data that is being received.  If you
send us the pattern-action file(s) that have the actions that are not
working, we can take a look to see if there is anything obviously

> I have already emailed the point of contact for the LIGHTNING feed,
> David Knight, about updating the server name on his end and have heard
> back from him saying he did the update, and looking back at emails I
> don't think I ever had to send the COSMIC folks an email to add my
> server on their end to get that data (though I could be wrong about that
> since I have been getting these data for two or three years now).

It could be that the COSMIC folks had setup something like a blanket
ALLOW for machines in the acom.ucar.edu or ucar.edu subnets.  This would
account for you not having to contact them when you changed the name of
your machine, but it stayed on the same subnet.


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